Who are you? Exploring Identity

Our grade 2-6 students recently had a visit from grade 3 students Dar es Salaam International Academy (DIA). As part of the visit the students explored their identity.


The STA students listened to the DIA students who presented about their beliefs. The STA students had some great questions and enjoyed hearing about what the different students believed in including god, angels, kindness and Ramadan. 

All students then completed an art activity where they used wax crayons, water colour and photographs to express themselves. The students' work showed great individuality and creativity. 

We think it is important that students understand that people can be different and to appreciate and respect these differences. We will continue to celebrate diversity through out social sciences unit, 'Rights and Responsibilities' in Term 4.

 DIA_Visit_Art_(1).JPG DIA_Visit_Art_(2).JPG

DIA_Visit_Art_(3).JPG DIA_Visit_Art_(7).JPG





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