Our Values

At Steven Tito Academy, our School Values are Respect, Responsibility, Curiosity, Honesty, Gratitude, Perseverance.



To show respect and admiration to oneself, others, and the environment.

We will…

  • Respect our bodies with healthy eating, teeth brushing and an active lifestyle.
  • Respect others by improving through counseling sessions and restorative practices.
  • Respect the environment by cleaning up after ourselves.



To have duties and responsibilities and to take responsibility for our actions.

We will…

  • Become a School Captain and/or join the Student Representative Council (SRC).
  • Help younger learners with reading or sponsor letter writing.
  • Clean up our dishes after lunch.
  • Wash our cups after porridge break.
  • Reflect on and take responsibility for our behavior.



To desire to know more about what surrounds us.

We will…

  • Ask questions about what we read, see, hear and learn.
  • Explore Bagamoyo's past and present during school excursions.
  • Share and explore our talents during the annual Talent Day.



To tell the truth to the best of our knowledge and to abstain from unfair behavior.

We will…

  • Always tell the truth.
  • Not lie to teachers, fellow students, parents, and friends.
  • Not steal others' possessions.
  • Not cheat during examinations.



To be thankful and ready to show appreciation.

We will…

  • Write thank you letters to our sponsors.
  • Thank our parents for everything they do for us.
  • Show appreciation to our teachers for everything they teach us.
  • Be grateful for our parents' work at school.



To keep doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

We will…

  • Try different activities in clubs and work to perfect them.
  • Work hard in class with a very content-heavy curriculum.
  • Attempt different methods and use different strategies to achieve success if at first we don't succeed.
  • Keep learning and improving even when it’s difficult.
  • Try our best and finish the race even if we come in last.
  • Strive to not let difficulties in our home life interrupt our education.


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