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Whenever possible, we employ Tanzanian nationals. For some positions, we recruit long-term volunteers from abroad. Please see below for current openings at STA.


Current Volunteer Opportunities

Position Commitment Further Information
Teaching Assistant Any length Position Description
Teacher Mentor Minimum 3 months, longer preferred Position Description



1. Email [email protected] your:

  • Resume/CV
  • Cover letter
  • Proposed dates of volunteering

2. If your credentials match our needs at the time, we will contact you regarding the position you applied for, what you hope to accomplish while at STA, your budget, and what kind of housing you prefer. If necessary, we may conduct a Skype interview to better determine your fit within our school. 

3. Once you have completed all of the above, we will continue to work with you planning your assignment. You can also read the Volunteer Information Package to help you prepare for your trip to Tanzania.


  "Volunteering for STA was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Not only was I able to learn more about myself as a teacher, but I was deeply impacted by what I learned from my students: that we all have the capacity to learn, and grow in this world, if given the opportunity." 

- Laura Preston (STA Volunteer, 2013)

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Where is STA?

Steven Tito Academy (STA) is on a 15 acre farm property in a village called Senzale. Senzale is 10 minutes drive from Bagamoyo town which is on the coast of Tanzania. Bagamoyo is 70km from the biggest city in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam.

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Can we do penpals?


Nearly all of our students are sponsored individually. Sponsors pay the school fees for the student. Each student writes two letters a year to their individual sponsor. As each student is already committed to writing individual letters to their sponsor we cannot offer a penpal system of letter writing with your school.

The STA students in the classroom that you sponsor will write one letter together, twice a year to your students. You may choose to respond to their letter with one letter from your whole class OR you maye choose to have your students individually write letters to the students. We cannot have our STA students respond individually back. It would take up too much class time for the students which needs to be used for learning text types other than letter writing.

You could even send artwork or stories your students have written to our students and we may do the same. We cannot set up a penpal system whereby each student in the STA classroom is linked to a student in your classroom.

If you have any further queries about letter writing please email us at [email protected]


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Where do we send letters to?


You can send letters to Tanzania at the following address

Steven Tito Academy

C/- Terri Place

PO Box 77


East Africa


There is no postcode. You are welcome to send small gifts such as some pencils or stickers for the students in your sponsored class. Please do not send any large gifts as we may be taxed on these gifts once they arrive in Tanzania.

If you would like to make a large donation of goods please email us at [email protected]

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Can I volunteer/teach in Tanzania?


Yes! We are always looking for volunteers and teachers to work at STA. Please visit our Volunteer page for more information on volunteering and teaching at STA.

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Can I visit Tanzania?


If you are planning a trip to Tanzania, we would love to have you visit us at Steven Tito Academy (STA). We welcome teachers, students, staff and parents. You will need to cover all your travel expenses. Please email us at [email protected] if you would like more information about visiting the school.

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How many students are in each classroom?


At STA we have a maximum of 26 students in each classroom.

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Are donations tax deductible?


Donations to Steven Tito Academy (a program of The Baobab Home) are tax deductible in the United States of America only. Unfortunately, at this stage, donations made from other countries are not tax deductible.

When can I start? When do I have to make a payment?


So long as we have classrooms available, you can commence your sponsorship and start participating in the Wanafunzi program whenever you are ready. Ideally, to match our school year (which runs from January to December) we would like you to make your annual US$500 donation by January.

As our school year is different to the Northern Hemisphere school year the classroom you sponsor may move up a grade level during your school year. For example; if you commence sponsorship of a standard 1 class in August, that class will move up and become a standard 2 class in January. It will still be the same students. They will just be studying a higher level.

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