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Change a child's life forever through the power of education

Over 70% of people in Tanzania live on less than $2/day. For children born into such dire circumstances, getting a good education is one of their best chances to break the cycle of poverty. Unfortunately, due to a badly broken system, quality schooling is often out of reach.

What Value does STA Bring?

  • High-Quality Education - In 2017, our students achieved some of the highest scores in the region on their national exams. Beyond academics, our well-rounded curriculum also focuses on arts, athletics, vocational skills and value-based learning.
  • Safe Learning Environment - Beatings and corporal punishment are still the norm in most schools in Tanzania. STA creates a safe place where students can learn without fear of violence.
  • English Proficiency - Typically, primary school in Tanzania is taught in Swahili, while secondary school is taught in English, forcing many students without English proficiency to drop out. Our English-medium program ensures that our students are prepared for secondary and tertiary education.
  • Experienced Teachers - We work with and train East African teachers so that they understand how to assess individual children and teach to their needs. All of our teachers attend weekly professional development sessions so that they can share ideas and techniques from around the world.
  • Tools to Succeed - At STA, each student is provided with uniforms, school supplies, nutritious meals, books and resources, and safe transport as required, so they can focus on their learning instead of worrying about the little things.
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Violet and Amina

Why Sponsor?

Sponsorship is a huge opportunity to have a lasting impact on the life of a child. Every year, more and more parents knock on our doors for a chance to receive the quality education they know will help pull their child and their family out of poverty. Our school is succeeding, but we can't continue without your support.

For only $58/month, you can change the life of a child like Violet or Amina by giving them the gift of lifelong learning. In return, you'll receive a detailed profile of your sponsored student, two letters from the student each year, term newsletters, and regular school updates on our blog and social media pages.

Sponsor today to help a child become a curious, motivated, and confident student who is prepared for a successful and happy life!

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