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The Steven Tito Academy (STA) school campus is located on a beautiful 12-acres of land just outside of Bagamoyo town, where The Baobab Home Children’s Home also resides. 

Students can learn in a stimulating and clean environment surrounded by nature the facilities include:

School Buildings:

As of 2021, the school campus is composed of eight classrooms (one per grade from prep to grade 7), two offices (Head Teacher and admin), three toilets blocks (staff, female students, male students), a spacious library with areas for computers and art, several storage rooms, and a Dining Hall will be built by the end of 2021.


The school library was built in 2014. It is now the place where the STA school values are displayed: Curiosity, Responsibility, Gratitude, Perseverance, Honesty, and Respect. Today, the library is home to more than 2000 texts, which are appropriately leveled organised into fiction, non-fiction, and class sets. These texts serve as powerful tools to teach students and give access to a world beyond the walls of their classroom. The library is also home to the computer area and art corner, as well as a dedicated space for teacher guides and reference materials.

Computer Area:

In early 2020, the US Embassy in Tanzania donated ten computers to our school. By the end of the year, CMA CGM funded five more. Computers are used during the vocational training program called Computer Club where students learn the basics of computer knowledge. Computers are also used by teachers to support their work. One computer is fully devoted to the school office and used daily by the Office Manager to complete administrative tasks.

Art Corner:

Whether it’s paint, crayons, pastels, costumes, paper or craft materials you are looking for, you’ll find it in the school art corner! We have a range of art supplies available to students to enhance their creativity, school performances, and art classes.

Vocational Education Facilities:

At STA, there are several spaces available for teaching Vocational Skills. A kitchen for the Cooking Club, a 12-acre property to learn how to ride a bicycle, a computer area to learn computer knowledge, several organic gardens where students can learn about organic agriculture, and plenty of available classrooms where students can be taught other life skills like sewing, understanding business, scouts, and theatre.

Organic Farm:

The organic farm of The Baobab Home is a learning ground for STA students where they can learn how to grow and use food for nutrition. Currently, there are several organic gardens where students attend their vocational skills class in agriculture and learn valuable lessons in persistence and patience as they work hard each day and wait for crops and plants to grow. Besides this, produce grown at the farm is used in the cooking of the delicious students’ lunches.

Clean Environment:

The STA environment is kept clean and sanitized daily. The school has a wonderful team of cleaning staff who take care of maintaining a clean environment at all times, from the toilets to the classrooms and eating areas. Students are also taught to not leave behind any of their trash but to collect and dispose of it appropriately in the waste containers at school.

Dining Area: 

Students can enjoy their nutritious breakfast and tasty lunch in the dining area next to The Baobab Home Children’s Home. There’s a dedicated eating banda where students can sit and enjoy their meals, or they can sit under a tree enjoying a nice breeze. However, as the school expands there is a proposed plan to build a new spacious dining hall that will be able to accommodate lunches for over 200 people.

Playground and Football/Soccer Field:

Students also need time to have fun and disconnect, recharge their energy to be ready to focus again. A playground with swings, towers, slides and a football/soccer field are at our students' disposal during break times.

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