Volunteers from Around the World

International volunteers bring enthusiasm and fun to STA!


At STA we love visitors. We have many volunteers from around the world who come and work with us for as little as a day to a year. Volunteers do all sorts of different things.

Some volunteers come during the school holidays and help to prepare the classrooms by painting, decorating or gardening.


Other volunteers work with us in the classroom. They help us with reading, Maths, art and all sorts of different things. Our teachers don't always get a chance to read with us every day so it is great when we have volunteers as it means we all get a chance to practise our English and read our take home readers.


Volunteers are people that come and work at our school for free. They come from many different countries. Over the past few years we have had volunteers from America, Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, England, New Zealand and Sweden. They teach us all about their country and we teach them all about ours.

We have a lot of fun with the volunteers and we are very grateful that they give up their time to help us learn.

Global Classroom Questions:

1. What is a volunteer?

2. On a world map and colour the countries from which we have received volunteers.

3. Would you like to volunteer at STA? Why or why not?

4. What would you teach the students at STA about your country?

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