Star Students

At STA we have ‘Student of the Month Awards’ at the end of each month to celebrate the successes of the students. Students can win the award for lots of reasons like following the school rules, helping other students, trying hard and doing their best.

Students get very excited when they get an award and are very proud to wear their medal all day. They are always very excited to share their achievement with their parents.

The ‘Student of the Month Awards’ are given out during Monday morning assembly. We want to introduce you so some of our star students.


The April winner for the senior students was Adam. Adam is one of only four stude

nts in Standard 3. He lives with his Grandmother in Bagamoyo town. He started at STA last year. The senior students win the ‘Student of the Month Award’ by collecting stickers in class. The person with the most stickers at the end of the month is the winner. Adam thinks that he won because he gets a lot of answers right, is polite and when people fights he makes them stop.


Adam’s favourite subject is History. He likes learning about evolution because he likes learning about how humans and other things have changed over the years. He is also great at Maths and is a champion at using a calculator.

There were two April winners for the junior students. Omari won the ‘Student of the Month Award’ because he always tries his best and his writing has improved. Omari used to write upside-down and now he can write his name correctly. He lives at the children’s home on the school property with his brother and 7 other kids. Omari is in our prep class.


Omari really likes when he gets to read the books in his bookbox. He also likes listening to ‘Elephant and Piggie’ books. He likes playing BINGO but he hasn’t won that yet.

Shadia is also in prep. She won the ‘Student of the Month Award’ for improvement in behaviour. Shadia now follows the school and classroom rules most of the time. She is a really good listener and always sits up the front. Shadia is very independent and confident and since coming to STA she now knows that it is ok to ask for and receive help to do her work.


Shadia also likes listening to ‘Elephant and Piggie’ books, playing ‘Bobs and Statues’ and looking after Mr McGregor, our class monkey (a toy monkey that is!!).

We look forward to rewarding some STA star students next month!

Global Classroom Questions:

1. Who were the three 'Student of the Month Award' winners for April?

2. How do the senior students win?

3. Do you have awards at your school? What are the awards for?

4. What do you like learning about at school? Why?

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