STA World Cup

While the world was watching the world cup in Brazil, the students here at STA had their eye on a different prize. Read about the STA World Cup action!


To celebrate the World Cup, we had our own STA World Cup. The students competed in art and sporting competitions and also challenged our international friends to become donors.

Each of our 41 students were put into a team: Team Australia/New Zealand, Team Belgium/Netherlands, Team Canada, Team England or Team USA. The first challenge was to create a flag out of scrap coloured paper. Some of the flags were tricker than others. Team USA worked well as a group and won the challenge.



 As part of the STA World Cup we asked our international friends to become monthly and one-off donors. Donors help us to fund our swimming, arts and gardening programs. The students had their faces painted in their team colours and created a video to explain the competition.




As part of the STA World Cup we also had a football tournament. First Team England knocked out Team Australia/NZ, Team Canada defeated Team USA and Team Belgium/Netherlands snuck through with a win against some of our staff members who made up Team Tanzania.

Football_game_2.jpg Football_game_3.JPG

Team Belgium/Netherlands didn't score a goal in the penalty shootout so it was Team Canada and Team England who prepared for a finals battle. Team Canada won with only 5 minutes left in the game. All the students had a great time cheering on those who were playing.


Team Canada were very excited to get their certificates. Team Belgium/Netherlands played well together and got an award for Teamwork and our 'Best and Fairest Award' went to George (Standard 2). He tried his best and helped the smaller kids in his team to have a turn at kicking the ball.











 All the students enjoyed the festivities of the STA World Cup. Every assembly one of our senior students would read out how many people had donated from the different countries. The winning team was Australia/New Zealand with 11 donors.


Thank you to every one who donated during our STA World Cup. We really appreciate your support!

Global Classroom Questions

1.What were the 5 teams in the STA World Cup? Can you also list the teams in the actual World Cup in Brazil this year?

2. What does it mean to be 'best and fairest' when playing sport?

3. Why are donors important to STA?

4. Create the flag of your country (or Tanzania!) using scraps of coloured paper.

5. 'Winning is the most important thing when playing sport'. Have a class debate about this statement.


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