Solar Power

In Science, we have been learning about the sun. Not only does the sun help the plants in our garden grow but it can give us power!


In Tanzania, not many people have electricity in their house. In fact, in Tanzania, only one in every ten people have electricity in their house. So, many people use fires for cooking and candles and kerosene lamps for light at night time.

On the farm, where our school is, there are solar panels. These solar panels take in the sun's rays and makes electricity from them which we can then use to charge and power things.


There are 16 solar panels which give enough electricity to charge computers, and light the children's home that is on the farm and a whole other house. It would even be enough power to run a fridge, if we had one! We charge the computer and the ipad that we use at school thanks to the solar panels.


Solar power is a great power source because there is so much sun where we live in Tanzania. We leant about solar powered lamps. If you have a solar powered lamp then you don't have to buy batteries all the time, so it is a bit cheaper. The sun gives us its rays for free!

Global Classroom Questions:
1. How many solar panels do we have at the farm?
2. What are the different types of power?
3. How does electricity make people's lives easier?
4. If you didn't have power, how would your life change?

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