Silly Races

Things got a bit silly last Friday when the Prep and Standard 1 students had an afternoon of 'Silly Races'.


In class we read a book called 'Silly Races' about a family who has all sorts of races in their backyard and they win medals. We thought it would be fun to do the silly races ourselves. We have also been learning about ordinal numbers in Maths so it was a good chance to practise.

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First, we had 3 legged races. We chose a partner and then tied our legs together.



We had a quick practise and a lot of us fell over. We had to work together so that we could walk quickly and win the race.


Laura and Mwajuma were having a hard time running with their legs tied together so they decided to crawl instead. They finished the race in 5th place.


There were 5 medals: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. If you came first you got a blue medal. Omari and Eric won the 3 legged race. They worked well together and were very fast. It helped that they were the same height.


The next silly race was a rock and spoon race. We had to balance a rock on a spoon and run from the starting line to the end where Madam Lauren was waiting. If we dropped the rock we had to start again. Some of us dropped the rock a few times but everyone cheered us on until we finished the race.




Global Classroom Questions:

1. What colour medal did the students get when they came 1st?

2. Why did the students have to work together to win the 3 legged race? What happened if they didn't work together?

3. Can you think of some other silly races?

4. Write a story about a race that you were in. What happened? How did you feel about the race?

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