School Concert

In the last week of school we put on a school play. We also celebrated student successes by presenting awards to the top achieving students.


Our play was called 'Finding Home'. It was about some kangaroos, birds, sheep and lions who had become lost and had to help each other find their homes.


Some of the standard 2 and 3 students dressed as kangaroos and lions.


Off on the adventure to find home.

First the kangaroos found their home in Australia.The prep students, with some help from Doris and Salama J in standard 1, did a dance to an Australian song called 'Wawirri'. They welcomed the kangaroos home.


Next all the animals flew on the birds backs to China where they found the birds' home. The standard 1 students made bird costumes and did a dance with ribbons.


Then the sheep found their way home and the whole school sang a song called 'Juicy, Juicy Green Grass'. It was fun making the sheep noises.


 Finally the lions found their home in Tanzania and the standard 2 and 3 students showed off their Taekwondo skills.




After all the animals had found home, our narrators Salama R and Regina finished the play. Then everyone sang a song together called 'Dansi na Kuimba'(Dance and Sing). The song was in English and Swahili. There were three parts to the song. The standard 2 and 3 boys sang one part, the standard 2 and 3 girls sang another part and the prep and standard 1 students sang the third part. It was a difficult song to learn but we did not make a mistake on the day!



We were very proud of our concert and the parents enjoyed it too. It was great to show our parents the songs, dances and lines we had been working on for most of the year.

We can't wait for next years show!

Global Classroom Questions:
1. What were the animals in our play?
2. What country do you think the sheep could have come from? Why?
3. If you could choose, which animal would you choose to be out of a kangaroo, a bird, a sheep or a lion? Why?
4. Have you ever been in a school play or seen a school play? Write a paragraph about it and post it below for us to read.

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