Ready for Ramadan

Last Thursday some of our students started observing the holy month of Ramadan. Asha and Salim, standard 4, have answered some questions about Ramadan on this week's blog.


What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is this month and it is the time when Mohammed heard the words of God and he wrote them down and that book is called the Koran. So that's why we have Ramadan at this time and why we fast.

What is fasting?

You do fasting during Ramadan for 30 days. Fasting is when you stay without eating until the sun comes down, at about 6:30pm. At night we eat a little, not a lot. We eat cassava or katress (potato, mean and flour) or spaghetti or other things. You don't eat in a hurry. Then you wake up at 5 and eat some rice or ugali or food that makes you strong.

Also, we drink water only when the sun is down. Muslim people from 7 or 6 years old start fasting. So kids do it from 7 because from 7 they have, their mind is ready.

Why do you fast?

To think more about people who are poor who don't have money for food and how they live without eating, we can feel how that is.

What else do you do during Ramadan?

 We pray a lot. More than the other days. There are extra prayers that you say like 'Tarawe'. You stay praying for one hour: standing and bending. Like this (Salim then bend his body over to touch his palms to the floor). Then also Ramadan is for asking forgiveness.

What happens at the end of Ramadan?

At the end of Ramadan is when we celebrate the end of fasting. It is called 'Eid-el-Fitr'. We slaughter an animal like a goat or cow and then you give it to the people who don't have anything. People who are poor, we help them. We sit with them and share with them.

Like me (Asha), at my home, I call all people like the Baobab kids (The Baobab Home is an orphanage on the site of the school) and they come and eat lunch there, at my house. Actually but first before all that you have to see the moon. If you can't see the moon you listen to the radio and they tell you if the moon is right. If the moon is right early in the morning, like 7, you go to the mosque. Everyone, every Muslim. You know a lot of people will be there. You pray together. Then you go home and eat.

Do you get any presents during Eid-al-Fitr celebrations?

If you fast maybe you get a present or gift. People at the mosque give kids lollies or meat or money.

Thank you Asha and Salim for sharing.


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