Pig in the Pond

We have been learning all about farms in Prep (Kinder) and Grade 1. Last week we read a great book called 'Pig in the Pond'.


We liked the book so much that we decided to make a play. We all got to be an animal and Estella got to be the farmer. We would like to share our play with you. Madam Lauren read the story and we acted it out.

First the farmer went to town.


Omari and Fahad  pushes the tractor to take Estella the farmer into town.

Because it was so hot, Lawrence, the pig, twirled and wiggled and turned around and then jumped into the pond. Soon all the other animals on the farm were quacking, mooing, and honking "The pig is in the pond".


 The ducks (Loleni and Amina) and the sheep (Eris, Rahma, Milan and Sheila).

 Then, farmer Neligan (Estella) came back from town. He jumped in the pond with the pig. Then, all the animals jumped in the pond and they were all nice and cool.


The dog, chickens, geese, sheep and cows jumping into the pond with Farmer Neligan and the pig.

 We really liked reading the book and read it over and over again. It was fun to make animal noises and to make animal costumes. It was really funny when Farmer Neligan jumped in the pond.

Maybe you can read 'Pig in the Pond' at your school.

Global Classroom Questions:

1. Why did all the animals jump in the pond?

2. Which animal noises can you make? Can you write the noises?

3. Do you think pigs can swim well? Why or why not?

4. Read a book and then make your own play. Don't forget to make costumes!

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