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STA offers a new way of learning! Many of our students have previously been in intimidating learning environments. They all value learning and work hard to do the very best they can every single day. The students are the heart of the school and their persistence, thoughtfulness, creativity and humour makes STA a special place to learn.


Salama - Salama lives alone with her grandparents. Her father died when she was an infant. She is the fifth of 8 children but 3 of her siblings have died and the others now live in different places. Before starting at STA in 2012, Salama was at a government school where she learned very little English and the children didn’t pay attention. Since starting at STA she has grown as a learner and a problem solver. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. If she gets a lot of money one day she wants to keep going to school again and again.


Athumani - Athumani lives with his father, stepmother, grandmother, uncle and two younger siblings. His little sister died when he was about 8 years old and he misses her. At his old school, often the teachers were not paid enough, so they wouldn't come to school. For Athumani, who loves learning, this was frustrating. Teacher's at his old school also hit students on the head, even for small mistakes. At STA, Athumani appreciates his teachers and their dedication to his education. His teachers explain everything until he understands. His English continues to improve and he is a dedicated student who understands that making mistakes is part of learning. He wants to be a Scientist when he grows up, but not a Scientist of snakes!
 Mariam_portrait.jpg Mariam - Mariam’s early life was spent on the streets of Bagamoyo with her mentally ill mother and her younger sister. Many people tried to help Mariam over the years and eventually she moved to live in the children’s home that is located on the same property as the school. Mariam loves school and now has the freedom to be a child and to surround herself with others who care about learning as much as she does. She is a kind and helpful student whose smile brightens the room every school day.
 Ally_Profile.jpg  Ally - Ally started at STA in 2013. His father has two wives and he is the second born of his father’s nine children. The families live in two separate houses. Each wife has a store attached to her home so she can earn money. Before starting at STA, Ally had never had pencils or exercise books for school He said if he got sick at his old school nobody cared and he would get hit for missing school or arriving late. Ally is a generous boy who is talented in mathematics. He values and appreciates the opportunity he has been given to learn at STA. When he gets older he wants to be an artist.

Sabra lives on the farm as part of The Baobab Home's orphanage and attends school at STA.

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