Steven Tito Academy (STA) opened its doors in 2012 to give Tanzanian kids a transformative education that would otherwise never be available to most of our students. We offer an education that is focused on creativity and individualized learning.  

STA was established as program of The Baobab Home orphanage in Bagamoyo, Tanzania.  As the kids of the Baobab Home reached school age, there were no good options for their education. Local schools are overcrowded, hitting is commonplace and educational resources are nonexistent.  Because of this most Tanzanian children underachieve in school and their schools under-challenge and under-serve them.  We wanted something better!

At STA we offer quality, safe education for the kids from the Baobab Home and the Bagamoyo community. We have high expectations for all students and we aim to create empowered thinkers who can contribute to a better Tanzania.  Our green school focuses on providing a well-rounded education that includes science, math, English, arts and physical education and is tailored to each unique student.

We seek out bright students from poor families who cannot afford an English medium primary school. We also accept students whose parents are able to pay some or all of the school fees but who have been unable until now to find a school in Bagamoyo where their children will gain an educational edge. All STA parents invest their time in a variety of committees (such as the gardening, cleaning and cooking committees), which helps the school reduce overhead expenses. We also hold regular meetings with the parents, both one-on-one and as a group, to ensure that they are as invested in their child's education as we are. 

STA is not just about the students, but about their families and the Bagamoyo community. We are all working together to empower the students to become active citizens capable of leading Tanzania towards a brighter future.

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