Meet Our Staff




Lauren - Academic Advisor/Standard 2-3 Teacher

Lauren is no stranger to Bagamoyo. She volunteered at the Baobab Home in 2006 and again in 2009. In her previous visits she taught girls at the secondary level who were at high risk of teen pregnancy and other social issues. Although Steven Tito opened it’s doors in June 2012, years from now we will mark it’s true beginning as January 2013, when Lauren arrived. Although she came here to ‘teach’ she has done so much more - including writing policies, conducting staff development, planning and budgetary work, creating fundraising materials, managing resource donations, helping to design a site plan and buildings, and about ten other things not in her job description. Lauren runs a tight ship, but she is motivated by genuine love and compassion for all her students. 


Peace - Prep Class Teacher

Teacher Peace is from Tanzania. She studied in Uganda, where she developed the interest in teaching because she loved to help others. She started teaching her younger siblings and friends in 2008 whenever she went back home. She gained experience while having fun teaching children! She started teaching at STA in 2015. She loves teaching because she’s always learning from her students.


Rehema - Teacher Administrative Assistant 

Rehema does so much to help keep the school running. She is in charge of gathering materials and supplies, photocopying, handles all parent communication, disciplinary, getting fees paid, and in charge of the buses for the kids to and from school.



Mugini Salumu - Driver

Since 2006 Mugin has been a jack of all trades at Baobab, but these days he the master of driving our "school bus." Every school day, Mugin drives the van that Michael MacIntyre raised the funds to donate to pick up kids and get them to STA on time.  Mugin also assists with purchasing goods and resources for Steven Tito Academy.


John and Laurencia - Specialist Teachers

Teacher John and Teacher Laurencia studied music, dance and fine arts at the Bagamoyo College of the Arts. They are our performing arts teachers and teach the students modern and traditional Tanzanian dance, drumming and singing. In 2015 they led the kids in a masterful stage performance of traditional theatre and dance. The students look forward to performing arts every week and Teacher John and Teacher Laurencia make sure every one has fun!



Williams Jonas - Social Worker

William is our school social worker. He works with families in many different capacities. He is very diligent and determined and goes above and beyond to help out students and families who need support.




Terri Place and Caito Mwandu - Director/Financial Administration/Site and Infrastructure Management

Terri has lived in Tanzania with her husband Caito for more than 10 years. Together they founded 'The Baobab Home' which then went on to set up 'Steven Tito Academy'. Terri's work load is huge! While still running The Baobab Home, Terri somehow finds time to coordinate the development of the school through finding money to fund new classrooms, liaising with Caito to source furniture and monitoring the building of new classrooms. She reviews policy document, communicates with sponsors and recruits new teachers and much more. She has many dreams for education in Tanzania and always has new ideas for improving STA. Her passion and commitment to the school have helped make STA the wonderful learning environment it is today.

Caito, assists with the financial operations of the school. He helps out where needed and deals well with the many frustrations that come his way.



Tamarah Howard - Prep Class Teacher

Teacher Tamarah is from Colorado, USA. She studied at the University of Colorado Boulder, and received her B.A. in English, creative writing. She started teaching the prep class students with Teacher Peace at STA January 2016, and will be here for one year. This is her first time in Tanzania! She's always enjoyed teaching and working with children -  teaching and watching her students progress throughout the school year is extremely rewarding to her! Everyday is a new challenge and keeping her on her feet. She is learning from her students as much as they learn from her!  


Moses - Specialist Teacher - Swahili/Arts/Sports 



 tommie.jpg  Tommie - Standard 1 Teacher

 Ameme - Standard 1 Teacher/Sports 

 wainena.jpg  Joseph Wainaina - Standard 5-6 Teacher/Sports





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