Our Sponsors

This week we would like to write about our sponsors. Our sponsors pay our school fees. Without sponsors we would not be able to come to STA and learn every day.



STA sponsors come from lots of different places including the USA, The Netherlands, Australia and England. We write letters to them two times during the year. We like writing to our sponsors so they can learn more about us.


Regina is sponsored by a couple in Australia. She started at STA in January but did not get a sponsor until this month. She was so excited to finally have a sponsor and keeps asking the names of her sponsors so she can say them over and over again and tell everyone about her new friend in Australia.

Our sponsors are all different kinds of people. Some students have just one person sponsoring them, others have a family. George and Asha have whole schools sponsoring them.

Our sponsors can even write to us. Recently, Miriam and Salim received letters from their sponsors. They read about what their sponsors like, what they do and how they live. Sabra even got to meet her sponsors when they visited earlier in the year. She gave her letter to her sponsor in person and got to say thank you!


Miriam and Sabra reading the letter from Miriam's sponsor Maddie.

When we receive letters from our sponsors we share them with out classmates so that everyone can learn something new. It is really great to know that someone who we have never met cares so much about us and our education.

Global Classroom Questions:
1. Why do we need sponsors to pay school fees?
2. Why do we like getting letters from our sponsors?
3. Imagine you are an STA student, write a letter to your sponsor.

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