New Classroom Opening

On Sunday we had a big party to celebrate the opening of our new classroom. All 41 STA students attended and had a great time!


There were clowns who taught us some fun games and showed us some great acrobatic tricks. They also helped us play a game of tug-of-war. We all pulled the rope really hard and the boys won.












Madam Terri, the director of the school, spoke to us about how important education is and what a great gift the new classroom is to our school.


The women from the Blossoms Welfare Trust, who funded the building, also came with their families and friends. They brought a delicious cake to celebrate the day. It was Justis, Mariam and Sabra’s birthday so we shared the cake with them and we all sang ‘Happy Birthday’.


There was lots of other yummy food including fried cassava.



Teacher Patrick helped us prepare a Taekwondo performance for our special guests. The ten chosen students did a great job. Lisa broke a piece of wood with her head. That was really exciting.












We had a great day celebrating the opening of our new classroom. We are very grateful to The Blossoms Welfare trust for funding the building of the room. It is a great place to learn. Without the new classroom we would not have been able to accept the 17 new prep students this year. It is exciting to think of all the students who will get a great education in the classroom now and into the future.


Global Classroom Questions

1. How many students are there at STA? How many students are there at your school? Do you have more or less students than STA?

2. How did we celebrate the opening of our new classroom? What did we do?

3. Why is a classroom important? Imagine you didn’t have a classroom to learn in. What would be different?

4. Fried cassava is a popular snack in Tanzania. What is a popular snack in your country? How do you make it?

Thank you Lawrence (Standard 1) for taking photos on the day.


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