Money, money, money

It is important to learn about money so that we can buy and sell things and learn to save and budget. In Maths, we have been learning about money. 


In Tanzania the currency is shillings. The coin with the lowest value is a 1 shilling coin. None of the students have seen one before. 1 shilling is not much money. 1 small lolly costs 20 shillings so for 1 shilling you can't buy many things any more. You can get gold coins and silver coins in Tanzania. There are also notes.

It was interesting to learn that in other countries there are different coins and notes. Sabrina found some pictures in a book to share with the class. The pictures show the coins of Ghana.


 Clara found some coins at home from Kenya and the United States of America. She brought them to school to show us all. The American note was not very colourful.


In Maths, we made lollies and then set up shops. We sold our lollies to other students in the class. We had to use Maths to pay and give change. It was fun to buy and sell the lollies that we made.

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Global Classroom Questions:

1. What is the money called in your country?
2. What is the value of your smallest note or coin?
3. Why do we need money? What did people do before money?
4. Learn about currency conversion with your teacher. Figure out how much 5,000 shillings is in your country's money.

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