Meet the newest STA students

This year we have 17 new prep (kinder) students. They are very excited to be STA students!


It has been a long journey for most of our 17 new students. Many kids in Bagamoyo want to come to Steven Tito Academy but we cannot take everyone. So, all students who want to come to STA and be sponsored have to sit a test. They also come to school for a day so that the teachers can decide who should be accepted. The parents of our 17 new students are very proud that their child was selected.

On the first day of school all our new students got a uniform, school bag and other school supplies. It was a busy and exciting day and many of the students were nervous and shy because they had to speak and listen to English all day! (At home they speak Swahili).


Our prep students have been busy over the past two weeks learning letters, numbers, school rules and many many many English words! They are looking forward to sharing their learning and experiences with you.


 Global Classroom Questions:

1. What did the prep students have to do to be accepted to STA?

2. What do you think the 10 most important English words would be for the prep students to learn?

3. Have you ever learnt another language? Was it difficult or easy to learn?

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