Letters from Sponsors

Most STA students have a sponsor and they love receiving letters from them!


Most students at STA have a sponsor who pays for their school fees, because their own family can't afford to pay. The students write letters to their sponsors throughout the year to thank them and tell them a bit about themselves and STA. The students are always very excited to write letters to their sponsors and tell their family and friends the name of their sponsor with pride.


Asha and Miriam writing letters to their sponsors

Recently, some of the students have received letters from their sponsors. Some of the sponsors even sent photos so that the students can see what they look like. The students enjoy learning more about who their sponsors are and what their lives are like.


Doris with a Christmas card from her English sponsors, and Miriam sharing the animals playing cards and letter she was sent by her Australian sponsor

Some of our Grade 3 and 4 students have shared their letters with the new prep (kinder) students. By doing this they are helping to teach the younger students about sponsorship.


Sabra sharing the letter from her sponsor with Loleni, a new prep student.

The relationship between students and their sponsors is special and something that STA students value and appreciate. Sponsors can write letters to their students at any time. They would love to hear from you!

Global Classroom Questions

1. What is a sponsor?

2. Why is it important that the older students share their letters with the younger students?

3. There is a special way to write letters. With your teacher's help, write a letter to a friend.

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