Kunde (That's Cowpeas in English!)

We have tried to grow lots of different vegetables at school. One day Asha and Maimuna brought some kunde (cowpeas) to school. We planted them and they grew really quickly.


You can eat the leaves of cowpeas (they taste best when they are small) and you can eat the actual cowpeas.


We harvested some of the leaves and some of us took them home to cook. Some students cooked them with coconut milk and onion and others cooked the leaves with tomato and carrot. There are lots of different ways to cook kunde leaves.

The kids at the Baobab Children's Home which shares the farm with the school cooked the kunde leaves with onion, carrot, tomato and some soy sauce.

IMG_5159.JPG IMG_5160.JPGIMG_5162.JPG

When the cowpeas are dried out and brown you can plant them and grow more.


The prep (kinder) students used the cowpeas as counters in maths and when we were reading a book about a garden. We learnt the difference between a bean and a pea.


Global Classroom Questions:
1. What are some other types of beans and peas?
2. What colour do the cowpeas need to be before planting them?
3. What parts of the cowpea plant can you eat?
4. What are cowpeas called in Swahili?
5. Draw a picture of a garden. Label all the plants you have drawn.

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