Khanga Necklaces

This month in art, our Standard 2, 3 and 4 students have been very busy making necklaces for Teacher Lauren’s trip to Australia.


The necklaces are made out of khangas (African print material). First the students had to cut strips of material and then sew along the edge to make a tube. Then they turned the tube inside out which took a very long time, just ask George!


Once the tube was ready they tied a knot in one end and fed a stone through. Then they tied another knot and put another stone. They kept putting in stones and tying knots until they had filled up the tube of material.



The students loved wearing the necklaces and posing for photos. They each took one home to share with their families. The rest the students have put in the bag to go to Australia with Teacher Lauren.


Last year the students made necklaces to sell in Australia. They raised money to buy books for the school. This year the students had a vote. They decided that they want to raise money for swimming lessons and to create an emergency fund, in case a student needs to go to hospital.


We recently had a student fall and break her arm. Her family could not afford the medical costs or the transport from school to the hospital so the school helped the family pay. Asha, one of our Standard 2 students, thought it would be a good idea to have some money at the school in case someone else gets hurt. The other students agreed and voted to raise money for an ‘Emergency Fund’.

We are very proud of the generosity of our students and how they want to help each other stay safe and healthy. We are hoping the necklaces will sell well in Australia so the students can enjoy swimming and know that they will be looked after if they ever have an accident at school.


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