Today our American volunteer teachers Justin and Alisha taught us all about Halloween and how it is celebrated in the States.


We learnt that you make Jack-o-laterns to scare away spirits and ghosts from your house. There are not many pumpkins in town at the moment so Justin and Alisha made a Jack-o-latern out of a watermelon.

They explained to us that, in America, children usually dress up as something scary (but you can dress up as anything you want, like a princess). They showed us how to make scary masks. We had fun making our masks.





Alisha explained to us that, in America, on Halloween night lots of children go "Trick or Treating" in their town. They wear their costumes and visit people's houses and get lollies. As we left the classroom we got a ghost lollypop if we said "Trick or Treat". It was very exciting! We even scared our van driver, Mugi, with our masks.




Global Classroom Questions:
1. Do you celebrate Halloween in your country? If yes, how do you celebrate?
2. Which do you think would be easier, making a jack-o-latern out of pumpkin or watermelon? Why?
3. Make your own Halloween mask.

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