Hairy Adjectives

What better way is there to learn about adjectives than by wearing wigs!


At STA from Prep to Standard 3, we have been learning about adjectives. We are learning that an adjective tells us more about a noun. We always put the adjective in front of the noun. Which sounds right to you? An ice cream yummy OR a yummy ice cream!

Guava and Orange reading groups today practised using adjectives to talk about hair. They have been reading a book called 'My Hair' and they have been learning about all the different colours, lengths and shapes of people's hair around the world. George really wants to see a photo of someone with orange hair. He has never seen that before.


Each student put on a wig and then we made up sentences about their hair. Here are some of the sentences that the students made up.



"George has pink hair"
"He has short hair"


"Doris has brown hair"
"She has plaited hair"


"Asha has short blond hair"
"She has curly hair"


"Mariam has long hair"
"She has beautiful black hair"
"She has a short fringe"

It was great fun dressing up in wigs and learning about adjectives at the same time.


Global Classroom questions:

1. Tell us about your hair. How many adjectives can you think of to describe your hair?
2. Who has the longest hair in your class? How ill you measure it?

3. Create a graph about your classmates' hair. How many have curly, straight, long, short etc...?

4. Write a short story about hair. Use at least 10 adjectives in your story to make it nore interesting.

5. How many adjectives are there in this blog post. Write them down and then get your teacher to check them.

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