Fruit Salad

This week the prep/1 and pre-school students did some cooking and made fruit salad. It was delicious!


As part of our theme 'On the Farm' we have been learning about fruit. We have learnt that some fruit grows on trees and some doesn't. We even made our own fruit trees out of paper. On Friday it was Teacher Marqus' last day so we decided to make fruit salad for morning tea.


First we washed our hands. Then we counted all the fruit. There were 3 watermelons, 4 pineapples and 20 bananas. We peeled and cut the bananas, then cut the watermelon and pineapple. We had to be careful with the knife so that we didn't cut ourselves.




It was fun mixing all the fruit together. We only had three different types of fruit because we could only get what is currently in season. You can add lots of different fruit to fruit salad like apples, grapes or oranges. Fruit salad is very good for your body.

We enjoyed eating the fruit salad and we even had enough to share with the standard 2,3 and 4 students.




We lined up and teacher Marqus served us some fruit salad. It was yummy and we all wanted to eat the juice that was left at the bottom of the bowl.

 Global Classroom Questions

1. What is your favourite fruit? Why?

2. Which fruit grows on trees?

3. Write a recipe for making fruit salad.

4. Why is it important to wash your hands before you eat and cook?

5. We made enough fruit salad for 47 students. How many watermelons, pineapples and bananas would we need to make enough fruit salad for 100 students?

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