Earth Day

STA students learn from their first day of school how important the environment is and what they can do to look after the world around them.


During the last week of school we celebrated our own version of 'Earth Day'. The students were placed into four groups with a mix of students from all grades in each group. The groups rotated through four activities to learn about why they should and how they can protect their environment.

Students listened to a story about Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai. The students learned about what happens when too many trees are cut down and how Wangari Maathai helped Kenyan people to plant trees and make their country green again. They reflected on her statement, "Think of what we ourselves are doing. When we see that we are part of the problem, we can become part of the solution". They created a drawing showing what they want their environment to look like and what they themselves can do to keep it that way.



Teacher Leonard assisted the students to prepare the garden ready for planting next term. The students collected manure, dry grass and dug up good soil. They weeded the garden and cleared away the dead plants. Each group worked well together and are excited to plant next term.



With three of our volunteers Robyn, Judy and Jordan, the students learned about the different types of rubbish. They learned that some things can be composted (such as banana skins), others reused (such as scrap paper) and other things are waste and need to be put in the rubbish bin (such as plastic bags).

The STA students have been learning a lot about litter and have even been working on a video to tell everyone not to litter. Earth Day was a great opportunity for the students to put into practise what they had been learning by picking up all the litter on the farm. The students found all sorts of things that should not have been thrown on the ground and put them in the rubbish bin where they belong. We hope the litter video will be ready soon.



Global Classroom Questions

1. Which famous Kenyan woman did the STA students learn about during Earth Day?

2. Why is it important to look after our environment? What are three things you can do to help protect the environment?

3. Watch this video

What is the message of this video?

4. Prepare your own Earth Day Activities and present them to your class.

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