Cucumber Craziness

At STA, we have been working hard to grow vegetables in our Shapes Garden.


Nearly 3 months ago we planted cucumbers and kunde (cowpeas). We also planted some other vegetables like carrots, onions and spinach but we haven't had much luck growing them yet.

We have gardening jobs to do every morning. Some of us water and others weed. Plants need water every day to help them grow.



We prepared the cucumber garden bed by collecting good soil and  pouring it in. We also mixed in some manure. Our cucumber plants started off as small shoots and then grew into vines. It was so exciting watching the cucumbers grow from tiny little buds to big cucumbers ready for eating.





We have grown 5 cucumbers so far and there are still more getting big enough to pick every day.



It took a lot of work and it took a while but it was great to grow our own food rather than just buying it from the market. We ate one of the cucumbers and then gave the rest to Baba Davi, our cook and he used them to made a salad.



Global Classroom Questions:
1. How many cucumbers have we grown so far?
2. Do you have a school garden? What do you grow in it?
3. Are cucumbers good for you? Research and report to your class.
4. Which job do you think you would prefer: watering or weeding? Why?

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