Can we do penpals?


Nearly all of our students are sponsored individually. Sponsors pay the school fees for the student. Each student writes two letters a year to their individual sponsor. As each student is already committed to writing individual letters to their sponsor we cannot offer a penpal system of letter writing with your school.

The STA students in the classroom that you sponsor will write one letter together, twice a year to your students. You may choose to respond to their letter with one letter from your whole class OR you maye choose to have your students individually write letters to the students. We cannot have our STA students respond individually back. It would take up too much class time for the students which needs to be used for learning text types other than letter writing.

You could even send artwork or stories your students have written to our students and we may do the same. We cannot set up a penpal system whereby each student in the STA classroom is linked to a student in your classroom.

If you have any further queries about letter writing please email us at [email protected]


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