Are you looking for ways to

  • teach cultural understanding and acceptance?
  • share ideas with teachers in Africa?
  • create a lasting connection with a 'sister' school in Africa?
  • fundraise for an amazing Tanzanian school


Join our Wanafunzi program today


Wanafunzi ('students' in Swahili) is a program that connects STA with other classrooms across the world.

Steven Tito Academy (STA) is a Tanzanian Primary school that offers world-class, English-medium education to bright kids from poor families. Through the Wanafunzi program our students participate in shared learning with students from around the world. They share news and ideas online via our school blog and through Skype calls. They also communicate with their global peers through class letters.

Any school or classroom within a school, primary or secondary, can participate in this exciting program.
Your classroom/school sponsors one or more of our classrooms (minimum US$500 per year).




"If we are to live together in peace, we must come to know each other better." ~ Lyndon B Johnson

In an increasingly globalised world many educators and schools are looking for ways to provide a global education for their students. The STA Wanafunzi program hopes to assist schools to instill in students a sense of belonging to a global community, an understanding of how our world is connected and an appreciation of how cultures and people are similiar and unique.

Through sharing and getting to know each other better we aim to create a community of acceptance, open communication and peace.

As part of our Wanafunzi Program your students and teachers can:

  • participate in a Skype call with the students from your sponsored classroom twice a year;
  • receive a class letter from the students in your sponsored classroom;
  • visit, volunteer or teach at STA, here in Tanzania;
  • use our school blog as a learning resource;
  • get an increased understanding of the restrictions of education in developing countries and a greater appreciation of the opportunities available in their home country;
  • have an STA staff member, when possible, visit your school and give a presentation;
  • become a partner in improving our school through your donation.


The learning opportunities are endless and we look forward to welcoming your school to our Wanafunzi program.


  1. Visit our sponsor a classroom page to begin a long lasting connection with STA.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email, which will link you to the STA blog and request your Skype call preferences.
  3. The STA administrator will confirm a time for the connected classes to communicate via Skype.
  4. The connection will be maintained through Skype, class letters and our STA blog.

For more information you can email us at [email protected]



Skype Calls

Through our Wanafunzi program, students from schools around the world can connect with the STA students in  their sponsored classroom. Pictured are students from our standard 3 class commincating via Skype with students from a small  school in regional Victoria, Australia.

With minimal teacher assistance the students talked for an hour about what their schools are like, what games they like to play and sang songs to each other. They were amazed that they knew some of the same songs and the STA students were excited to learn about AFL which they hadn't heard of before.


Letter Writing

Through our Wanafunzi program your students will receive two class letters from their sponsored classroom. In return, your students are welcome to respond with a letter to their STA classroom.

Pictured is one of our grade 2 students with one of the letters received from a school in Australia. Reading and responding to letters helps students improve their English literacy skills as well as learn about life in another country.

Letter writing enables students to actively engage in activities that aren't based around technology.

 The STA Blog and Shared Learning Activities

The STA blog can be integrated into all areas of your curriculum. Some teachers use the blog and follow up questions as an activity for a literacy group and others use the posts as ideas for student activities.

Through our blog your students will learn about such topics as water shortages in Tanzania, African musical traditions, farming and leadership. The blog highlights STA student achievements, in class activities, visitors to and events held at STA and general day to day life at our Tanzanian school.

Our blog makes it simple and easy for teachers to integrate global issues and awareness into their day to day lesson plans.



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