Reading Rocks!

At STA we love reading! We read every morning and so that we can practise the strategies we have learnt in class.


We really like reading with other people because then we can help each other to understand and say new words. We can also talk with the other person about the story or the information.


Sometimes the senior students (standard 2, 3 & 4) read with the junior students (prep & standard 1). The senior students help the younger ones to sound out new words and use the pictures to make good guesses for words they don't know.



Sometimes we read picture books that we choose and other times we get a book from a bookbox that is at our level. Our teachers test us to find out which bookbox we should choose our books from. It is very exciting when we go up a level and there are lots of new books to read.


We often have visitors at our school. Some come for just one or two days and other people stay for a long time. These visitors usually help us with our reading. It is great because we love practising our reading and the visitors help us with difficult words and sentences.




Global Classroom Questions

1. Do you have different levels for books at your school?

2. How do you choose a book to read?

3. Who do you like to read with?

4. Why is it helpful to read with someone else?

5. List some strategies you use to help you read.


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