Bagamoyo Fun Run!

Mariam and Sabrina, two STA students, have been training for the past month for the Bagamoyo Fun Run!


The day kicked off with a 4:45am wake up. The girls were ready with their new hand painted running t-shirts for the 5km race. We arrived before the sun came up and waited to register.


 The girls made sure they did some stretches and then watched the half marathon and 10km runners (including Teacher Justin) take off. They were very impressed by the Tanzanian runners who looked very fit and ran very fast. The girls want to train to run just as fast as they do.




 The girls ran off very quickly but unfortunately Mariam had an early fall. She was helped up and with bleeding knees kept running and didn't stop until she finished the race. Sabra also had a great run and in true Sabra fashion made a new friend along the way. Both girls sprinted to the finish line.



Mariam (Standard 2) came in 20th and Sabra (Standard 3) finished 25th. They were both very proud of their efforts and had a very well earned breakfast in town.



 At STA every student does sport nearly every day. They play football (soccer) at break and lunch time and have sport lessons with Teacher Leonard. It is very important to do some exercise every day and we are very proud of Mariam and Sabra for working so hard to finish such a long race.

We hope next year more STA students will compete in the Bagamoyo Fun Run!

Global Classroom Questions

1. What are the names of the two students who competed in the fun run?

2. How long is a marathon? How long is a half marathon?

3. Do you do sport at your school? Which sports do you like to play?

3. Write about an achievement that you are proud of.

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