What do the school values mean to you?


Last week, we interviewed some of our students about the STA school values. Having recently added gratitude to the list, we wanted to get an understanding of what the values mean to the children, in their own words. Read on to find their interpretations of our six school values, from students in Prep to Standard 7.


"Honesty is being real and saying the truth." - Salima, Prep


"Curiosity is to want to learn. I want to learn to write better." - Khairat, Standard 1


"Respect means taking care of other people and other people's property. If you respect something, leave it alone and let it grow by itself." - Dotto, Standard 2


"Perseverance means you keep on trying and don't quit. Like when I couldn't pass my reading test, but I tried and tried and then I passed." - Najati, Standard 3


"Responsibility means looking after yourself, looking after your things, and performing your duties and chores in class and at home." - Rahma, Standard 4/5


"Gratitude means to express your feelings by being thankful for something you've been given. When we're given books, we show gratitude by reading the books and taking good care of them." - Salim, Standard 7

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