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The STA school has a program whereby students visit the library and do a wide variety of things.

The library was funded by Jim Taylor and Tony Luongo, in honor of Margaret and William Taylor and Anna and George Luongo. It was built in the middle of 2014 and was finished at the beginning of 2015. The library was built for the students to go and gain different skills and have fun.

Students go to the library every morning before class starts. On Monday from 12:40-1:20PM, Standard 6/7 students go and borrow books. Standard 1 students also borrow from 2:20-3:00PM. On Tuesday, the Standard 3/4 class borrows from 12:40-1:20PM, and Standard 2 borrows from 2:20-3:00PM.

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The borrowing system was explained by the librarian, Teacher Ameme. Teacher Ameme was interviewed and explained that his work in the library was to check for the books, fix broken books and ensure the library is clean.

Some students contributed information about the library. According to Razak, who is in Standard 2, he said he likes the library because he can build his understanding – but he would like more time to read in the library. Kenneth, a Standard 1 student, said he likes the library because he likes reading. Amina said that she likes storybooks that make her happy. Mariam, a Standard 6 girl, said she likes the library because she gets to know the parts of speech.

Students learn other strategies from the library, like building up their reading comprehension, and overcoming hard words by using different techniques.

The biggest challenge according to the librarian is that most of the younger kids don’t know how to take care of the books; they come back broken after borrowing them.

The STA students are suggesting that they could have a special time whereby they visit the library. Also, the librarian said that students should take better care of the books.

The school would like to thank all the people who donated to the library and to STA in general.

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Written by Alyat Ally, Marketing and Fundraising Assistant, as part of the Pre-Form 1 volunteer program.

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