Break time fun!

The students at STA love learning and always work very hard in class, but still look forward to their mid-morning break! During break time, the students refuel with a cup of uji (porridge) and play outside with their friends.

Jungle gym.jpg

Football (or soccer) is a very popular sport in Tanzania. STA students play it almost every day, as long as the sun isn't too hot! They either play a game against each other, or just practise their penalty kicks. Salama J is doing a great job as the goalie!


Sometimes the children like to play in the shade, using rocks, sticks, or other small objects. Common games include bao (pictured below), jacks, or games that they make up. 


One of the highlights of break time is playing in the Magic Garden of Peace. The students are so lucky to have this playground at the school, where they can use the see-saw, swings, jungle gym, and tires!

Magic Garden of Peace.jpg


What do you do when you want to take a break? Share your break time stories with us from around the world!

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