10 Reasons to Sponsor a Student at STA


Sponsoring is an incredibly rewarding experience, for both the sponsor and the child. Read on to learn why 10 STA sponsors choose to support students at our school.

1. "I sponsor because I feel like I'm having a positive impact on her life." Monica

2. "During my stay, I could see the importance of STA's work in the community. That's why I sponsor." Fredrik

3. "I feel very strongly about the need for girls in the developing world to be educated." Monica

4. "I sponsor because I have seen firsthand the school in operation and the hard workers at the core of it." Madeline

5. "We can't think of any donation that would be as important as supporting a child's education." Alana and Paul

6. "The experience of sponsoring is life-changing. It opens our eyes and our hearts." The Purbrick Family

7. "To give a child the opportunity to learn in an environment that stimulates, engages and will brighten her future gives us great pleasure." Alan and Debbie

8. "Sponsoring a child gives you the sense that you really can make a difference in their life." Mark and Tina

9. "Every dollar of student sponsorship goes directly towards the child's education, putting him in a position where he can succeed in high school and beyond." Kate

10. "I've always been interested in charitable giving, and after visiting Tanzania, I realize how my funds will be directly used to enhance the life of my sponsor child." Denise

If you're interested in supporting one of our students, please visit our STA sponsorship page today.

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