Sponsor a Student

STA accepts students from all backgrounds regardless of financial means.  This means that many of our students come from families who cannot afford school fees.  For $58 per month, you can give a high quality education to a child who needs it. Sponsorship pays for:

  • Safe transport to and from school so that students don't have to walk long distances along busy roads
  • Nutritious morning snack and lunch
  • Salaries for our dedicated and passionate teachers and staff
  • School supplies for the whole year

As a sponsor, you will receive:

  • a profile of your sponsored student
  • two letters from your sponsored student each year
  • the opportunity to write to and visit your sponsored student
  • weekly updates about the school on our blog and via Facebook

Currently all of our students are sponsored - but we are always looking for monthly supporters to help Steven Tito Academy continue to thrive and grow!

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